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Important (if obvious) Notes:
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We will not include people without their permission, so please ask if you wish to appear here. If you have a website associated with you, then we are also happy to include it here. REMEMBER: We can only keep this database up to date if you tell us when you have changed your email, so add us too the list of people you update and check it each time you visit.

In Memory:
Please advice us if you know of the passing of any of the TDV officers listed below.

Black Rat
Name (alphabetical) Email Web Site
(if applicable)
Clive Abraham  
Steve "Chopper" Axon Web site Here
Eddie Bacon  
John Bayless  
John Clements  
Alan Cooper  
Paul Croft  
Frank Conlan  
Mark Culley  
Tim Davies  
Terry Dent  
Malcolm Dunne  
Lee Ellingham  
Ian Fairman  
David Geary  
Dave Goodfellow  
Stuart Gould  
Peter Haffenden  
Andy Hasted  
Mick Hebard  
Eddie Johnson  
John 'Ned' Kelly  
Dave Knight  
Neil McAlpine  
Tony Monk  
Alan Neale  
Keith Newland  
Mark Newman  
Steve Norris  
Gail Oxley-Crawford  
Colin Palmer  
David Pendleton  
Tony Read  
John Ross  
Joseph Shackell  
Tom Singleton  
Jim Sinnott  
Bob Smalley  
David Springle  
Ken Taylor  
Michael Tett  
Peter Tussler  
Robin Tutchings  
Keith Walters  
Ian Waterson  
Pete Winters  
John Yates  
Friends and Visitors
Richard (Dickie) Bird Secretary of the Ex "Z" Traffic Patrol Club and would love to hear from any TDZ types. Web site Here
Andy Lambert Founder and Former Managing Director of the National Rescue Group. Creator and webmaster keeper, of this TDV website. Web site Here
Geoff Lambert Retired Director of National Rescue Group.  
Jane Povey TDV-janeypovey12@icloud.comWife of Dick Povey  
Terry Scrivens "baby" Scrivens. (John "sailor" Scrivens' son)  

TDV In Memory of

Those once proudly listed here that are sadly now patroling elsewhere

Bill Botting (Old Bill)
Tony Brockbank
Vince Bridle
John Botright (Four on the Trot)
Dick Buchan
Dave Burgoyne
John Edwards
Ralph Gilbey (Mumbling Armpit)
Len Gooch
Philip Hackett
Frank Haslett
Paul Hughes
Roy Hussey
Ian Mclaurin (Honky)
Adrian Morris
Jan Piechocki (Pie and Chips)
Richard (Dick) Povey
Peter Richards
Terry Robbins
Bob Smith
Paul Stewart (The Pig)
Cliff Travis
Ian Wallace