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The ‘Good Old’ Rover SD1 cruising the Esher By Pass. Photo Andy Lambert

Harley Davidson assessment 1992, or "Thats my Dad!" Picture from Peter Tussler

Inter Department Transfers maybe? Picture taken at Wimbledon Tennis from Peter Tussler

Would you trust this man with your technology? India 99 with Pete Tussler

Most of you thought the only 'Cardboard Cut-out' at TDV, was Botright. This fake Ralph Gilbey was created by Bill Botting WHY?

944 Porsche test vehicle, from an unknown date. Picture from Phil Bennett

Unknown Rider at a NRG RTA Picture by Andy Lambert

The sad occurrence was Paul Stewart's funeral, on 3rd March 2006. First bike is a BMW RT1100 ridden by Dave Pendletonand. The second is a Honda Pan European ridden by Rob Tutchings. Obscured is Pete Tussler on another BMW RT1100
Picture from Neil McAlpine

Escort Duty, back in the days when they were done properly
Picture copyright BET Plant Services PLC

India 99 meets SD1 on a quiet day. Picture from Pete Tussler

Picture from Pete Winters

SETAC the workhorse of Traffic Picture from Simon Maltby

Simon is rebuilding its sister (see above) and would love to hear from anyone that worked with his vehicle.

and during June 2008 Simon sent us an update. This is the vehicle today.

AI Unit - Were did I put my bloody Lunch Box? Picture from Bill Botting

A bit more up to date, N814 OUV, 1996 Range Rover,

Picture from David Raynor

The beloved Triumph Pictures from Terry Vincent

Pictures from Terry Vincent

Pictures from Terry Vincent

So that's four meat balls, three tossed salads, one sweet and sour hot sauce . . .

Pictures from Terry Vincent

Not actually a peace of TDV equipment (this one belonged to TDP) it shows the very first fixed road speed meter. It is a Marconi PETA Meter from the early sixties. The picture was sent in by Peter Richards, with extra info from Steve Sheppard T848 (now in California).

Steve was one of the first officers to be trained in the use of the PETA meter, along with TDV's very own Hugh Ashton and he suspects the actual sensor part, was hidden in the Mini parked up the road. He also recalls that Hugh eventually manufactured a folding table, so it could be set up behind bushes etc.

In an interesting footnote, one incident caused the withdrawal of the equipment. It happened when Kent police stopped a motorist for excessive speed. When the paperwork was done he asked to look at the equipment. The unsuspecting PC explained how it worked using radio waves, at which point the motorist asked to see the PC's radio license! He turned out to be a GPO Inspector and the equipment had to be withdrawn, until it was correctly licensed.

Set of posed images showing PC 567TD Bert Richardson when stationed at TDT driving the brand new Dart around Chiswick with Kenny Adcock during 1961.
Picture from Ray Richardson (Bert's Son)




A display of some of the 'Kit' removed from the Humber Estate, around 1961. Bert Richardson can seen on the left
Picture from Ray Richardson

Alan Cooper running-in a 1967 Triumph Trophy Motorbike outside Putney Section House,

Mark Newman on the Harley evaluation bike outside TDV summer 1990
Picture from Mark Newman

Early morning near Copsem Lane with the first TDV 827 from 1989. Mark Newman and Phil Bennett.
Picture from Mark Newman

TDV’s last SD1 taken on the A3 near Copsem Lane about 1990.
Picture from Mark Newman

Mark Newman on the bonnet of TDV’s 110, taken in 1988 near Cobham.
Picture from Mark Newman

Keith Knight has a hobby - he likes to make models. He decided he wanted to produce a diorama of TDV and you can see the result below. It was completed free hand, using only the photo supplied with the Corgi Editions Mini Coopers. It is made entirely of card and plastic, cut and shaped before being painted. It is scaled to 1/43 and is even illuminated.

Keith says this is just a small part of his collection of some 40 Met vehicles which includes Pandas, Area Cars, Station Vans, Dog Units, DPG Units, SPG/TSG Carriers and Heathrow Airport Units. He also points out that not all the models pictured here fit the sixties theme.

Keith joined the MPS in 1987 and spent most of his time on division but also worked brief attachments out of both H and J Traffic. Also 3 Area NE TSG. He was sadly forced to leave in 2005 through illness/injury.

Back to the Dart again Picture from Pete Winters