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Bit of a POLACC Skipper! Picture by Andy Lambert

'Big John' Bayless New Malden Underpass roundabout on a quiet evening, at some point in the eighties Picture by Andy Lambert

This picture is the tail end of an accident reel so that the yard would know where to return the film. It shows the front office with the state and all important time off cards.
Picture from John Bayless

One of the classic stores, from the Seventies: Match Salesman proceeding east on the A3, decides to take a box of matches from a pack of them, resting on the back seat. Lights cigarette and returns 'spent' match to box. Then throws the box back on to the back seat, to join another 30 or so unopened packets.

Whoosh! goes the noise from the back seat, as the box ignites ('spent' match, was not quite spent!). Driver turns round to see what the noise was, but forgets to let go of the steering wheel as he spins round. Dave Batt (with not a CB in sight), still laughing half hour later

Picture by Andy Lambert

Dave Batt off duty and relaxing on the Queen Mary Reservoir.

You can laugh now John! If you don’t know the story private message the web-master.
Picture by Andy Lambert

Carol Baker, Jonah Lomu and Stuart Gould. Taken at Pennyhill Park Hotel on 31/10/1999
Picture from Stuart Gould

Steff Graf gets attention at Wimbledon
Picture from Pete Tussler

"Stop 'faffing' around with the camera and clear the road"
Picture by Andy Lambert

Mark Newman behind the wheel of the genuine Bat-mobile from the ‘60s TV series. Owned by a wealthy collector who chose to drive it up the M4 without number plates or tax!! It was based on an old Lincoln it drove like the proverbial barge. People in the picture left to right Graham Jenkins, Mark Newman, Paul Byrne & Steve Cox. The unhappy owner is in the shorts.
Picture from Mark Newman

How long is a piece of string

Picture from Bill Botting

The 'Mumbling Armpit' Ralph Gilbey with 'Oscar Ripple' Howard Spinks? Reporting an accident involving Ringo Starr's Mercedes May 1980 Ringo Starr with then Girl Friend Barbara Bach (Star of 007's The Spy Who Loved, me amongst others) were driving on the A3 when the car went out of control at the Robin Hood Roundabout. It somersaulted a number of times before coming to rest on the London bound carriageway. Ringo later said this accident changed his live and was the reason why he proposed to Barbara. The car was crushed and today serves as a coffee table in the couple's Ascot home.
Copyright picture by Andy Lambert.

Names on a postcard please?
Picture from Bill Botting

Bill's Retirement party . . . . with his retirement present?

Bill's Retirement cake

It was said that Traffic Officers just pushed pens around a the scene of an RTA and so Andy and Geoff Lambert set out to capturing them working.
Adrian Morris cleaning up. by Andy Lambert

Tom Singleton attempting the imposable by Andy Lambert

Eddie Johnson after a role-over by Andy Lambert

Who said Sergeants don’t help their men? by Andy Lambert

The result of a foot chase Neil McAlpine shows his wound and expect sympathy! by Andy Lambert

Phew it don't half hum in here says Jan Piechocki, with Frank Conlan Dave Knight and NRG's Sunshine Steve
Picture by Andy Lambert

Aiden Hegarty being glad he is on a solo
Picture from Pete Tussler

Frank Haslett (as Father Christmas) up the ladder of Mick Hebbard's fire engine getting onto the balcony at TDV for a kid's Christmas party
Picture from Adrian Morris

John Farrow about to do a vehicle exam
Picture from Pete Tussler

Ralph off duty and competing with Cambridge Coachworks sponsorship in Grass Track racing using a field where the M25 Cobham Services now sits
Picture from Andy Lambert

Would you trust this lot to move your car?
Picture from Adrian Morris

The 2000 TDV Reunion
Pictures from Pete Winters

An RTA on the A3 between Tolworth and Hook, summer 1992.
From left to right Steve Norris, Keith Newlands, 'Ned' Kelly and PS Andy Harmer.
Picture from Steve Norris

Sunday breakfast club… rooftop TDV about 1994.
Left to right Steve Bradwell, Les Brown, Phil Connolly, Mark Newman and Phil Bennett.

The cover of The Police Magazine (with surely the worlds weirdest banner font). In the picture is Gordon Barnes along with Clive Abraham, Steven Oliphant, John Leggett, Alf Kendry and a couple of unknowns. It was taken at Marble Arch awaiting deployment on a demo.
Picture from Gordon Barnes


This picture shows Stuart receiving the Royal Humane Society award from the Mayor of Elmbridge. Standing next to him is Mr Sawyer. See story above.

Back Row: (L to R) Richard Mansfeild, Keith Newlands, Pete Tussler, Robin Tutchings, Jeff Lane, Tony Sage, Phil Bennet, Phil Connelly, Tim Davies, Andy Johnson, Tony Monk, Mike Tett, Dave Sweet, Mark Newman, Dave Salter, Dick Buchan, Neil McAlpine

Second Row: WPC Gail Oxley, Steve Howorth, 'Ned' Kelly, Guy Allen, Mick McGinty, Stuart Gould, Buzz Robert, Steve Norris, Joe Shackel, Vince Bridle, Tom MaCiver, Ernie Bradbury, John Yates, Frank Conlan,,WPC Jan miller

Front Row: Sgt. Keith Wall , Sgt. Clive Abrahams, Insp. Dave Springle, Sgt. Malcolm Rooke, Sgt. Bob Smith Picture taken on the roof of TDV

Not another exam at Cambridge Coachworks
Picture from Andy Lambert

Look a police man in uniform I wonder what gesture he is about to make?
Picture from Andy Lambert

Put that camera away I am not with him!
Picture from Andy Lambert

What is going on in that underpass
Picture from Andy Lambert

Back Row:- Len Gooch, Wally Goodman, Ernie Bradbury, John Yates, Paul Stewart, John Haycock, Mick Hebard, Terry Dent, Frank Haslett, Paul Croft, Frank Conlan, Stuart Gould, 'Sailor' Scrivens , Paul Hughes, Pete Richards, Dick Povey, Adrian Morris and Dave Batt.

Centre Row:- Tom Singleton, Neil McAlpine, Nick Coggan, Steve Legg, Pete Tussler, Jan Piechocki, Bob Smally, Gill Warby, Ralph Gilbey, Dave Knight, Vince Bridle, Rob Tutchings, David Hogg and Dave Burgoyne.

Front Row:- Left Bike Bob Smith, John Botright, Insp. Ford, Supt Mac Farlane, Chief Insp. Fleury, ?, Jim Sinnott, John Bayliss. Right Bike Ken Taylor

Picture from Ralph Gilbey and Stuart Gould

You can make your own mind up about this one
Picture from Adrian Morris