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TDV verses the rest of the Met Police in a Raft Race, organised to raise money for the Falklands Fund in 1983
Pictures by Andy Lambert

TDV Raft Race Testing at Wisley Lake

The first test of the Raft one evening at Wisley Lake

Testing at Wisley Lake with my Range Rover

We used my Range Rover and trailer to Transport it there.

More Testing at Wisley Lake

Who thinks it will work first time.

The TDV Raft works

So far so good it floats!

Into deep water TDV Raft

It Works

TDV Raft Race

Getting up some speed

TDV Raft Race

Who knew it was this shallow

In colour TDV Raft

Now in colour

TDV boys

Team Work ! ! !

TDV Raft Race bemeath

The point when a passing wind surfer said "You know you have got it upside down?"


Don’t need that bit!

TDV Raft Race Putney

The Big Day arrives and we all gather at Putney

TDVs Team

The team

TDV Raft

Who thinks they have a chance?

TDV Kids Raft

Do you thinks they stolen the doctors clothes and built a raft so they can escape from a 'special home'

TDV Raft Race

Fine figure of a man

Child Minder

Bob glad he has to look after the kids today.


Fine figure of a woman

There off

Let Battle Commence

TDV Raft Race

This is close

Police Raft Race

We can do this

TDV Raft Race

Others are catching

Met Police Raft Race, to raise money for the Falklands Fund.

Some are walking it!

In the water

Man overboard!

Nurse at TDV Raft Race

Nurse Next!

Raft ashore

Run aground

Sit Down

You run him over

Tow a Raft

Follow m, m, me

in the water

A lot of people said he should have been drowned at birth (no not really)

re the pubs open?

Its all over

Police officers cannot gamble

Did someone bet on TDB!

(Two sadly missed friends who today are probably betting on which angel is not wearing underwear beneath their robes)

TDV Raft Race runner ups

The almost winners.

TDV Raft Race crew and friends

The team with their fan club (far left) and two of transport team.

TDV Raft Race